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WAIT! Did your EARS just WIGGLE?

Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears move with your mood, just like a real cat! Based on safe brainwave technology, Necomimi’s cat-like reactive movements show how interested or relaxed you are in real time.

Whether you enjoy cosplaying, are looking for the perfect costume idea, or simply like to geek out on high tech toys, Necomimi is a wonderfully quirky way to express yourself. The headset comes with a pair of white ears, with additional accessory ears available so you can choose the ear color that best suits you. You can also design your own ears, making Necomimi the perfect addition to any costume!

Be KAWAII and For A Limited Time:

Get a FREE pair of accessory ears when you buy a Necomimi headset!

Choose from Leopard, Minky Brown or Obsidian Black.

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